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Connecting to Bluetooth (for Raspberry Pi Based v3 models only)

NOTE: These instructions only apply to the RASPBERRY PI based Time Machine.  If you bought your Time Machine after January, 2024, you have a Micro Time Machine, and these instructions do not apply. (We do not have Bluetooth working for the Micro Time Machine yet). You can see the earlier version of these instructions on the Wayback Machine

If you have a v3 model, then you will have the option to set the BLUETOOTH_ENABLE field in the options server.

If you do not see the BLUETOOTH_ENABLE option in the options server, your Time Machine software does not currently support Bluetooth. You can update to the bluetooth-capable version by downloading and flashing the new image or ordering a pre-flashed SD card.

To connect to your Bluetooth Device, you will need to need to:

  • Visit the options server and ensure that PULSEAUDIO_ENABLE is true. 

  • Set BLUETOOTH_ENABLE to true.

  • Click on the Bluetooth Settings Button.

  • Scan for local Bluetooth devices. 

  • Choose the device that you would like to connect to and click "Connect Bluetooth Device".

  • Return to the main options page

  • Save values, and refresh page

  • Set the Audio sink to the connected Bluetooth device.

  • Save values again.​

NOTE: Bluetooth is tricky!!! It will not connect to a device which is already connected to something else. There could be a number of reasons that it does not work for you. Please let me know if you succeed in connecting a device which is not already in our list of known compatible Bluetooth devices.

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