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Updating The Software

The software will not automatically update, but you can update at any time by pressing and holding the "stop" button for about 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the screen will tell you to "continue pressing stop for 5 seconds in order to update the software". So you may let go of "stop" if you don't want to update.

NOTE: On February 19, 2022, we upgraded to v1.2.0

If you have not updated since then, or are currently at a previous version, then when you update to v1.2.0, you will need to update TWICE and then REBOOT your Time Machine to pick up the latest version.

Once the software update begins, you will hear "Help on The Way" playing while the update occurs. When the music stops, then you MUST follow the instructions on the screen or the update will not succeed. The instructions currently ask you to turn any knob, and then press the stop button. This is to ensure that, even if the update fails, you will be able to update again.

If the software is updated successfully, the Time Machine service will restart, and you will be using the latest version of the code.

If the update fails, you will still have the version that you had before. If it is completely messed up, send an email to describing the problem. We can send you a new SD card, which should fix just about any problem.

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