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Connecting to WiFi

  • Connect the audio output to a sound system, either the 1/8" headphone jack, or the HDMI cable on the right side of the Time Machine. Note: You may use earphones from the 1/8" jack.

  • Connect the USB cable to the Time Machine's Raspberry Pi on the lower right corner to power up the device.  Note: Do not press the power button for initial startup.

  • Please allow up to 2 minutes for the screen to illuminate. (It should be up within 1 minute, but you know...)

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to select and connect to WiFi. See the video below for an example, or read the instructions.


Selecting the WiFi

Turning the year knob changes which Wifi name will be displayed in red. The wifi name which appears in red, with a “>” at the beginning will be chosen when you press the select button. To select the Wifi displayed in red, press the select button.


Note: For users with hidden wifi names, select the wifi name “HIDDEN_WIFI”. This will prompt you to enter your wifi name manually.

Note: For wifi names which are longer than 13 characters, the display will show the first 13 characters when the name is not the current wifi, and the last 13 characters when the name is the current wifi. Also, the wifi names are shown in alphabetical order. In this way, you should be able to identify the wifi you want, even if the first 13 characters in the name are the same.

Entering the WiFi Passkey

The screen will prompt you to input the passkey for the selected Wifi.

A list of characters will be shown in white, with one “selectable” letter shown in red.

  • Turn the year knob to change which character is shown in red. (Note: You can also turn the day knob to move the cursor by 10 characters at a time). 

  • Press select button to select the red character.

  • Once the entire password has been entered, press the stop button to indicate that you have finished.

  • If you make a mistake, turn the year knob all the way back until the “DEL” is shown in red. Pressing the select button erases the last character selected.

Once the correct Wifi name and password are entered, the Time Machine will launch the main program. You will not need to re-enter this information again as long as it remains valid. If you take the time machine to a new Wifi or change your password, the Wifi/passkey entry program will run again after a reboot.

The Audio Output

Analog Audio

The Time Machine is currently configured to output analog audio from the headphone jack, or Digital Audio via HDMI. You can plug this into your stereo using a cable like this, or an adapter like this

Digital Audio

On the latest version of the Time Machine there are 2 ways to get sound from the HDMI.

The old method for sending the Time Machine audio to output Digital Audio through the HDMI connector is to plug the HDMI connector on the Raspberry Pi to a suitable device (eg. a Television),  which is powered on and reboot the Time Machine. The audio will then come out the HDMI. Note: You need to reboot to change where the audio is sent.

The newer method works through pulseaudio which you must enable in the options server. In that case, set the "audio sink" to the HDMI option in the dropdown menu. If there is no HDMI option, you will need to submit after setting ENABLE_PULSEAUDIO to "true".

Note: the Raspberry Pi4 has a micro HDMI plug. You may need to get an adapter or a cable with one end which is Micro HDMI

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