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The Time Machine

The Time Machine allows you go back in time and listen to concerts on your home stereo.

Enjoy any Grateful Dead, Phish, or thousands of other artists' shows on's live music collection or by simply dialing the month, day, and year of the show and pressing play.

The Time Machine is designed to take the listener back in time to a Live Music experience in the past.  It was inspired by the music and experience of the Grateful Dead.

Although it operates on digital data using a computer, it’s purpose is to conjure up spirits. As such it will do, and not do, many things that seem unusual to users of digital devices.


The music currently comes from's Live Music collection and We hope to add more archives to the Time Machine over time.


This project is an homage to all the tapers and collectors and database managers who made and assembled these tapes over the decades, and uploaded them onto the archive. We hope that this box is a fruition of the dream that they collectively worked toward for decades.

While we won’t come between you and your Grateful Dead experience, we will make one plea right now: Please Donate To You know it’s the right thing to do, so let’s leave it at that.

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