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Has your soldering iron been asking for a project?

Have a little time to add some joy to your stereo?

Want to teach someone how to solder?

Well here ya go!

The kit includes:

  • (1) Printed Circuit Board (the newest version)
  • (1) Video Screen
  • (1) 40 pin (2x20) connector
  • (3) encoders with knobs, nuts and washers
  • (2) 12x12mm tactile switch with caps
  • (4) 6x6x9mm tactile switch 
  • (1) red led
  • (1) resistor
  • (1) power supply
  • (1) cord
  • (1) sd card with the most recent operating system
  • *Raspberry Pi is NOT included*

This kit includes all the parts needed to build your very own Time Machine.  You supply a Raspberry Pi and your time.

This kit can be built in less than an hour with very basic soldering skills.

Time Machine Kit

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